Being Seen

The desert: a lonely, dangerous wasteland. Not much grows in the desert; and even less thrives...

Out Of An Abundance Of Caution

I’m originally from the Midwest. About six years ago, we transplanted to the South. We expected a change in weather; what we didn’t anticipate is how much influence the weatherman has over our state! When he speaks, people listen...and spring into action! I’m telling you, if he forecasts a 3% chance of two snowflakes five days from now, you can bet that the grocery store will be cleared of all bread and milk, schools will be canceled, and businesses will be closed. If he raises the chance to 4%, the bottled water will likely all be gone, too. It’s because we’re blessed with pretty great weather year-round. Getting drastic weather (and no, 100° weather with 100% humidity doesn’t qualify as dr



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