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Gotcha Day - A Mixed Bag

As we have shared before, we celebrate each of our childrens' "Gotcha Day." The Gotcha Day is the anniversary of the day each child came to live with us and joined our family. This past weekend, we celebrated #LegendaryE's Gotcha Day!

One year ago we met him in the PICU as a 6 week old preemie. His squeaky whimper and huge brown eyes immediately captured our hearts. The lofty goal at that time was for him to drink all two ounces of formula at a time. Man, does he ever blow through that goal now!

The past year has brought so much. He eats everything placed in front of him (and dog food, if he can steal a piece from the dog dish), walks, talks, and fiercely loves his family. He now insists on a 10 ounce bottle for his morning and evening milk. 

As is often the case with foster care, Gotcha Day is bitter-sweet. We celebrate the love and bond we have shared with him this year. We reflect on all the milestones he's made and the joy he's brought to our family. We also have to acknowledge that he still hasn't been reunified with his birth family. The truth is, the likelihood that they will get him back is now almost non-existent.

Although we celebrate that he will remain a permanent part of our family, we also grieve the loss of what could have been. This is one of the great paradoxes of foster care and adoption. 

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