• Amie

We need rest.

We are exhausted. Emotionally, physically, spiritually exhausted. It is hard to admit that our crew has reached maximum capacity, but it is true. We need a break. Typically we push through the exhaustion, but this time it is just too much. We have poured all of our energy, time, and resources into foster care lately, and it is time to let our cup be filled with other things.

We need rest. It feels like the opposite of what we should be focusing on when our state just released the numbers on the deficit of foster homes. The news is devastating. After years of advocating for the most vulnerable children among us, we have even fewer foster families to meet the growing need. Foster families are depleted, discouraged, and desperate for justice. After staying in the battle, they are weary and walking away feeling defeated.

Yet, we have hope. We are not finished with foster care. A friend reminded me this morning that foster care is a marathon, not a sprint. We must pace ourselves and plan for endurance so that we finish well one day. After a season of refreshing, we will be ready to pour out again.




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