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Worth It

I am fiercely devoted to this family of ours, an unwavering advocate for foster care and adoption, and quick to encourage others to step up to the challenge of bringing children from hard places into their families. I take beautiful pictures of my beautiful life to share with you all the beauty of our family. But please don't miss the depth of what I am about to share. I don't ever want to come across as if the choice to raise children that aren't biologically mine is an easy one or that my children are lucky to have me.

Because, friends, this life brings to our home the excruciating pain of loving a child who, quite honestly, never wanted to come into our family. It means watching a child suffer through the deepest grieving when they realize they have been left behind. And nobody is coming back to rescue them in the end. It's us, the foster and adoptive family, here to pick up the broken pieces and help fill in the gaps where the heart is too shattered to retake its original shape.

So why, then, do we continually subject ourselves to the heartache and hard work of bringing in another child? Because each of our children is worth the sacrifice. This is the very nature of God's love toward us. When we had nothing to offer but our brokenness, Jesus saw our beauty and found us worthy of giving up his life. The Bible says that "When we were utterly helpless, Christ came at just the right time and died for us" in Romans 5:6. We are filled with all that we need by Him so that we can pour out into them.

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